ECEN 490 Project Management Lectures

Winter 2017


Douglas Clifford

Office:  Room 433 Clyde Building, Hours Tuesday and Thursday 10-11 a.m. and 1-3 p.m.

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The class presentation slides are the main “text” for the class, but these slides will closely follow the chapters in the suggested textbook.  This text that has been used for the last few years is, "Product Design and Development, Karl T. Ulrich and Steven D. Eppinger, McGraw - Hill Inc.  The text is not mandatory, but if you plan on being involved in project management in your career, it is an excellent resource.  (By the way, this course is available from MIT for engineering managers in a 5 day format for $9000.  You get it for free with your BYU Tuition!!”)   The text is also used in the Mechanical Engineering Capstone Program and has a lot of valuable resource material for project management.  It can be purchased in the bookstore and paperback versions are available on the internet at   


For Winter 2017, all sections of EE 490 will meet together on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:00 – 9:50 a.m. in room 256 CB  



ECEn 490 integrates a challenging senior design project with a simulation of an industrial workplace environment.

The students will learn a structured design methodology similar to what most engineers use in the actual workplace.

The students will work in teams, and each team will be responsible for defining, scheduling, completing, and documenting their project. 

Each project is expected to develop a website to communicate the progress of their project.  This website should contain the latest versions of the project control documents, minutes of project meetings, progress reports, pictures, etc.

Grades will be based on the results of; 1. The team performance, 2. The actual execution of the project, 3. The quality of the project documentation, and 4. Written and oral presentations.  There will be four written documents associated with the class plus three oral presentations.  These are to be completed as a team, and the team will be graded as a group.  The expectation is that all team members will participate in the oral and written assignments.


Class Objectives

·         Complete a significant design project and learn new technical skills.

·         Learn to use a structured design process to take your design from concept to final prototype.

·         Learn to function as part of an engineering team.

·         Learn and practice written and oral communication and presentation skills.

·         Work in a design environment with real-world design constraints.

·         Have fun!!


Project Management Class Content

·         Project Management Lectures

These lectures will be focused on the design processes associated with completing the Senior Project. We will have several types of projects represented in the class. The lectures are intended to parallel the actual technology development that will be taking place during the semester, but may not align exactly with each project.

·         Homework assignments

Most of the homework assignments are the management documents that contain the key information needed to complete the design process.

·         The team will produce three control documents and a Final Report; namely,

o   A Functional Specification for your project,

o   A Concept Generation & Selection Document, (CG&S)

o   and Project Plan/Schedule.

·        There will be brief homework assignments that are meant to encourage discussion in your team meetings. The topics will be based on the information that is presented in the class lectures.  I expect the team leader or his/her designee to submit a brief outline of the team discussion via email before the beginning of the next class period.


·         Recent Postings


Class instruction and follow-up notes can be found by following the highlighted links below.  Look there for up-to-date information and instruction.


The Team Leader is an important role that needs to be assumed by a team member.  I have added a letter to the team leaders highlighting their responsibilities. 


Electronic copies of the lectures and course handouts may be obtained on the website.   Current information that is available is highlighted below.  Click on the links below for access.


win 2017 Syllabus –All reading assignments are from Ulrich and Eppinger unless noted.



Lecture Topic

Optional Reading Assignment

Other Assignments

Addition resources

Thurs Jan 12

Introduction to the Class

Chapter 1

Determine team membership

Functional Specification Description

FSD example 1


Tues Jan 17

Working in teams

Chapter 3

*Complete Team Assignment sheets

* List 3 ideas from the Tower experience that you will use in your project


Thurs Jan 19

Combined Slides for lectures 3 and 4


Original slides for

Development Processes and;

Capturing the voice of the Customer

Chapter 2 and 4

*Teamwork Assignment Sheets due via email.

* Develop the Body of Facts (BOF) for your project, and a market analysis

FSD example 2

FSD example 3

Tues Jan 24

Establishing Product Specifications

Chapter 5

*Decide on Team management site

* Work on the FSD.

*Develop 5 specifications from Cust needs

Concept Generation and Selection Doc Description

Example 1

Example 2

Awesome, Example 4

Thurs Jan 26

Importance early concept generation

Chapter 6

5 concept fragments for your project next class


Tues Jan 31

Concept Selection

Chapter 7

* FSD due

* Complete a scoring matrix for one design concept

* 1st Design Review Scoring Form

Thurs Feb 2

Effective Presentation

Class notes

CG&S doc review and requirement

Tues-Thurs Feb 7-9

First Design Reviews


Example of 1st Design Presentation

Tues Feb 14

Project Scheduling

Chapter 16

* Concept Generation and Selection Doc due

Schedule example 1

Example 2, Example 3

Thurs Feb 16


Chapter 12

Develop your schedule task list

Tues Feb 21

Monday Instruction, no class




Thurs Feb 23

No class




Tues Feb 28

Manage your boss

Class notes

Project Schedule due


Thurs Mar 2

Business Economics

Chapter 15


Spreadsheet example

Homework example

Tues Mar 7

Product quality  Robust Design

Chapter 11 & 13

Develop a “test suite” for a key product specs in the FSD.

Sample Test Plan

Sample Test 2

Thurs Mar 9

Paradox of Choice

Class notes

Test suite due


Tues Mar 14-Thurs  16

2nd Design Reviews



Scoring sheet for 2nd design review

Mar 21-Apr 19

Open for team meetings, technical instruction, consulting, etc.




Apr 19

Final Reports and presentations, (last day of class)


Final presentation scoring sheet

Sample final reports

Final report 1

Final report 2

Final report 3

April 21

Finals, Presentations, Reports


Final Reports due Actual date TBD